Friday, May 8, 2009

WIPs well on their way to being finished!

My two latest ventures. I am about to begin a large unicorn, and on that one I'd like to put the angora goat hair. I spoke to a gentleman that Sprite told me about, his name is Jay at arctic he just finished shearing a goat named Maisey so that may be part of my unicorn's hair. Check out his web sight you'll be surprised...I have to go back and buy some stuff after I get my unicorn out of the barn. Jay lives in Alaska...when you shear a goat there, do you think he gives them sweaters afterwards? He seems very nice, I'm sure he does!!!

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Crystal said...

I stumbled upon your site through another site, oh anyway, I do love your "stuff". Very interesting. I am a doll-maker want to be just tryng to communicate.
The best to you!