Friday, August 27, 2010


This is my precious little dog. I owned his mother who was a very sweet animal and I bred her to get a puppy for my mother. Brandon's mum had one puppy...him. My mom wanted a female so I said I would keep him. I fell in love, I had the privilege of his company for 18 years. He began to fail about 6 months ago. First he went blind, but still got around very well, he ate well and did everything well. A Week ago he began sleeping all day and night and last weekend he wouldn't eat. I hand fed him and made him drink water from my palm.
I knew what was coming...Tuesday afternoon I took off work and my daughter went with me. (I wasn't sure I could do this alone) I kissed him and whispered my love for him. I assured him he'd be free of the little,fluffy beautiful body that didn't quite work anymore. I cried, and I cried. The Doctor took my actions as if this was accepted behavior. A storm had been building, when we brought Brandon to the Vet, and the moment the Doctor quietly said he was gone, there was a flash of lightening and the thunder crashed in a deafening roar, it was one of the worst storms I've ever seen.
This is one of the hardest things I have ever done and now there is a large hole in my heart and my home because he's gone. Everyone says it will be less painful in time. This may seem strange to people who aren't animal lovers, but I loved that little guy and it's terribly painful to be without him.

"Special Love"

There's someone special in my life,

He's not my brother and I'm not his wife.

He's always there at the end of my day,

If I lose my temper he loves me anyway.

His chocolate brown eyes say all that needs said,

At the end of my day he's there in my bed.

With warm wet kisses that tickle my ears,

I'm content in the knowledge we'll be together for years.

He's my best friend and all that he asks,

Is a tender caress or a pat on the back.

A fierce protector in the face of aggression,

Although I love him I have a confession.

I constantly search for the prince of my heart,

Someone who love me right from the start.

A true love who'll tolerate all that goes on.

A man who will LOVE... my pomeranian!

By Misty

For Brandon "may you run in fields of cheese"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not a drop on my head!

This pic was taken out the window of my Barber Shop last week...looks intimidating doesn't it? It also looks very promising. Since we live in Tucson, Arizona and rain is something we rarely see. Not a drop of rain on my shop. I'm sure there was weather somewhere but not over my head. It is forecast 107 or 108 today. That sort of heat will usually brings on a very nice afternoon thunder storm. Here's hopin'!It's been a poor season for rain so far...come on RAIN!