Saturday, April 23, 2011

No Shine Tea Pots

No one enjoys shining those old tea pots. I paint them with permenamel and seal them with a high gloss glaze, formulated especially for enamel. They say you can wash them in the dish washer...but as the artist...please, warm, soapy, water,... rinse and towel dry! I will do special orders please send me an email.

I have to go on treasure hunts for some of these tea sets! Please email in plenty of time before a special occasion, unless you decided on something I have already finished and set on the shelf!

Most of these are 95.00 for a three piece set... please look at my older posts... you may find something you like. My sculptures, jewelry, paintings and odds and ends are quite diverse, something for everyone (I hope)!

Thank you,


I love painting these crazy tea pots, help I can't stop myself!!