Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Time keeps Drag'n on!"

A few years ago a customer was in my barber chair reading a catalog. I had never thought of what might be under Bambi after he passed on and the Hunter decided to remember the moment of the shooting by stuffing him. But there it was before my eyes, the forms the taxidermists uses to stuff (or mount) should I say... a deer! The forms are made of poly-foam in this modern day. Years ago they were made of cloth and horse hair (I heard) when it first became a popular practice during the Victorian Era. Well I thought the forms looked like baby dinosaurs, and from there I could see how they could become my DRAGONS! I asked my customer if he would be so kind to order me a form. He did so and after it was delivered it sat on my back porch for at least a year.
I live in Arizona, along came a day off, the day was cool and pleasant and I sat on my porch swing drinking something wonderful (I'm sure) and there was that box, just sitting there starring at me. So I thought if I put clay on that form, and used the poly-foam for an armature, I could sculpt my dragon up from there! If it didn't turn out...I just wouldn't show it to anyone! So I began, I figured if it looked really stupid I just wouldn't tell anyone what I was trying to accomplish, the nice thing was, it started to look like a dragon. I was very pleased, I was afraid it would be laughable. It turned out to where I was very happy with it...and that is not always the case with art! The green dragon pictured was the first one I did...he has long since been sold! He is a teenager, he has the look of a young-ling that's been grounded from the mall and he's going anyway, come hell or high water!

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Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

Love your dragons and the story that goes along with them!