Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Long ago...

I was recently wandering around on the web and I typed in the name of an old boyfriend of mine from HS. And there he was on Facebook. We haven't talked much but exchanged some short sentences concerning general info about our families in the years since the prom.
Wow, happy for him but surprised. He has been married for 36 yrs. (as he wrote) to the same woman. (I think that's great, if you are happy) and he has 9 (nine) children......
I felt a twinge of "Gee, our lives have been so different..." then I really had to think, would I have wanted to give birth to 9 children...I have to say...no, not really! So I'm very happy to have found him after so many years, and I'm glad things have gone so well for him and his wonderful family. But...I'm okay!
This is Heidi, Randy, myself and Barry.

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