Sunday, May 17, 2009


I finished my unicorn and have started a larger one. This one is just baby. I went and saw Star Trek, I've been a trekkie for years and I knew I'd have to see it good or bad. I went with my two daughters 32, 36 we all loved it! It was a great ride. I'll have to go see it again soon!
I would love to write more of what's happening in my life or my thoughts, such as they are...but I need a new computer! I am not really great at typing and I thought I was an excellent speller (is that a word?) until I used "spell check" for the first time. My computer skips key board, that is and it's so much correcting, it drives me crazy! I never can really enjoy putting down a paragraph because it's usually messed up. So if the Money Gods smile upon me in the near future, I could be writing more and posting more often, I'm not sure that's a good thing! Anyway until then...there will be more photos.

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eva said...

is there a new star trek film???? i have to see it!!!