Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The art of Blogging!

I'd like to thank anyone and everyone who stops by and leaves the wonderful comments or just stops by! I read other blogs and they are so wonderful and well written, beautiful to look at and informative too! And mine really does suck peanut butter.
Here are a handful of excuses, (bear with me...please) first of all, I have never been sure what exactly I should do with my blog or what form it should take. So I was just tickled when I figured out how to post pictures. I am not much of a whiz when it comes computers and if it wasn't for a couple of my wonderful friends on here, who have taken the time to explain things to me (you know who you are, Michelle) I'd still be wandering in the dark! Thank you again so much! I also have a beautiful daughter who shares a home with me (I have another beautiful daughter who doesn't live with me...just in case she reads this!) and she worries about computers and if I might get myself in trouble due to my naivete and lack of knowledge. So I make her nervous playing with it! The next problem I have computer gets the hiccups!
I am not the primo typist and I have to look at the key board to type. Then I periodically look up to see what I have done! Well, my computer skips backwards...I never know when it will happen and I look up and the sentence I have just written is buried somewhere deep in the text of my paragraph! "IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!" And it's not much fun. So most of what I write is explaining my art work that I create, and not much more.
I've had a few quiet moments of late to read some wonderful blogs and you have inspired me to create a better blog. I am going to work towards getting a new computer and begin to write more. You have all influenced me greatly, I don't often say it or leave it on your blogs, but thank you for your friendships, kind words and the many smiles you have given me, and also your wonderful thoughts and photos of everything from Art to Zebras!
Thankfully yours,


Francisco said...

you're welcome (;

Linda S. Socha said...

Wonderful beautiful post!
I love your blog and feel as if your Dragons are friendes i am getting to know one by one!

Misty's Creations said...

Thank you Linda, I feel that way about them too, that makes me happy!

Rose said...

I love seeing your creations but if you want to tell us more then I would be happy to read that too! What is the picture in this post of? It is absolutely beautiful!

Misty's Creations said...

Thank you Rose, The picture is of a glass plate. You know the clear, dime a dozen (probably closer to a dollar)glassware that is stacked on a shelf at a thrift store or yard sale? I buy them, paint them with glass paint and hang beads and crystals from them and put them in my widows or on my porch. I call them "Poor mans, stained glass" or "Gothic Dream catchers" We get a lot of sun here in Arizona, might as well use it.(and I love the rain, go figure) Thank you for stopping by and your kind words!

3rdEyeMuse said...

hehe ... yep, it's official ... you've been bitten by the blog bug. :) I think it's a really, really good thing.

Three Cheers!!

Rose said...

Love that idea! Might have to borrow it sometime.... *grin*

Misty's Creations said...

Rose by all means, feel free, we are all here to inspire each other and keep art going.I love it when a lot of money hasn't been spent and it's beautiful when you're finished.
Yes Michelle... the blog bug Hmmmm! I think I got it!