Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fav Photo!

This is my daughter on her trip to England almost three years ago. She left the US with 35 dollars and a windbreaker! She is Crazy! I told her the thing I wanted most was a picture of her at Stonehenge! In the original picture there is a fence right behind her shoulders, she and her(then) boyfriend didn't want to pay the fee to get any closer so Shannon took the fence out with her photo shop, clever girl!She said it was bitterly cold, she was born in Arizona! I'm on my way to work but thought I'd share one of my favorite photos with my "blog hood neighbors" have a great day!!


3rdEyeMuse said...

I can totally and completely see why that's a fav!

Rose said...

Even if you pay to go in, you can't go amongst the stones or touch them. That feels like such a travesty to me.... I long to touch those stones and walk between those arches