Sunday, June 20, 2010

Andy's make over!

Something new...a customer of mine is a ventriloquist and asked if I could fix his life long friend. I said yes...then I sat hoping I could. First I sanded the old paint, then primed. Tried to match the skin tone as close as possible.
It was done originally with an airbrush, it's brand new, never been used! I was given my air brush on my birthday...1994! I"m afraid of it. I take it out and mess with it, point it in mid air and pull the trigger back and fourth...then I place it carefully back in it's pretty little foam lined case and slowly close the lid. Sick Huh?!!!
Long story short, I'm painting "Andy Woodrow" with out the aid of my precious gifted air brush! He's coming right along and I think by Tuesday he should be ready to sit on his best friend knee once more. It's been fun, I'll post a final pic of Andy after the mat vanish is applied!


Debbie said...

Rather you then me Misty. I don't like those Dummy's they creep me out. I'd prefer Dragon's any day. xxx

Misty's Creations said...

What makes it worse...before I started working on him, my daughter would hold the silly thing across the room from me and every time I spoke she would move his eyes to look at me! She's a nut!