Sunday, June 20, 2010

Andy's make over!

Here's another photo of Andy since the flesh tone was done and his blush is back. Tomorrow the eye brows and just a touch of Jack Sparrow eye shadow! Then some matt varnish and a couple days in recovery...and back home for Andy! (he keeps winking at me)


Sprite said...

How cool! He's coming right along and looks great already. I have the same fear of the airbrush, and I too have probably had it since 1994, sitting in its pretty case! How ironic is that! I used it once briefly and back it went. Please let us know how you like working with it! I've been itching to take it out and experiment lately :)


Misty's Creations said...

I am still not using my air brush. I just use the dry brush know..when you have two or three horrible looking brushes because you squish them into your painting or what ever you are painting? Then a family member picks it up and throw it away because they think it's trash, and you freak out cause your "Best" shading brush is gone!
Wow...pent up feelings there huh! I could probably use a cup of therapy!

Sprite said...

oh! I must have read that incorrectly woops! oh yes I do know exactly what you mean! Let it out girl :D My favorite one I use for everything especially dry brushing, it has almost no bristles left! Im not sure im looking forward to having to break in a new one it's taken years to get this one like this ha ha ha ;) Luckily my other half should know better by now than to even consider trashing one. I give him the look of terror when he goes near them or wants to play with my tools :D hee hee

Hope you are well sweetie!


Pattee said...

Wow you've done an awesome job on him!!!!

You'll always be a friend to me whether you get out much at all LOL!

Pattee: )

Misty's Creations said...

Thank you Pattee and Sprite,
You are really sweet thank you for stopping by with great always cheer me up!
I may take a break for a few days. I splashed varnish while putting the finishing touches on my latest dragon.