Friday, December 26, 2008

A Really fun Christmas Gift

My oldest daughter has a crush on a certain Vampire. It began long ago when this said vampire was a student by the name of Cedric Diggory at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He came to an early demise only to be reborn as the undead version of a rather hunky vampire by the name of Edward Cullen.
My youngest daughter realized Santa's gifts might fall short where her sister was concerned this Christmas, so she took it into her own hands and gave her "Edward" by way of the wondrous world of electronic wizardry.
Although it was her first attempt at anything like this, needless to say the desired results were acquired. The altered photos were put in a frame, on a pen, and on a thermal coffee cup. When she opened the gifts she said, "Oh, Edward and Bella!" and then she looked closer and I thought she was going to faint. At some point I will retrieve that photo of the moment in time when she realized it was her photo and not Bella's! It was truly priceless!(and a lot of fun too) Interesting how most of my presents this Christmas weren't anything I could actually hold in my hand, but wonderful moments I can forever hold in my heart!Hope your Christmas was as Merry (and fun)as mine!

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Lisa Gatz said...

How cute! That really is an unforgettable Christmas present.

I'm glad that you liked the resonated with me, too.