Thursday, January 22, 2009

Birthday Bugs...

My Birthday...this is the first year I really didn't care to celebrate. Time moves so quickly when you reach a certain age. When we're young and don't realize how lucky we are it creeps by. Then when we wish it would slow a bit it jumps into Warp Speed.
I went to my daughter's and she cooked a great dinner, we had the Birthday Cake which I must add, had (what my daughter called) Tim Burton candles and we would have watched a movie of my choice but my two year old grand daughter had other ideas. She was running a fever with a stuffy nose and for some reason I was the person with the magic touch.
After much rocking and questionable singing she fell asleep. But she did give me something for my B-Day, I now have a wonderful cold. I've been home from work two days. If the baby felt anything like I do, it's no wonder she was grumpy. Must now take some medicine and a nap!


Melissa said...

Happy birthday, hope you feel better soon!

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Happy Birthday.