Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Of My poems...

My home reflects a lost time gone by,

With lacey curtains and oil lamps to read by.

Old photos and flowers are hung on my walls,

But as my mind day dreams another voice calls.

From the final frontier, "where no mans gone before,"

It's always Jim Kirk who knocks on my door.

His hazel green eyes and sandy brown hair,

Make me forget...I'm really not there.

I'm thrust in the future along Jim Kirk's side,

With Zulu and Bones along for the ride.

We're Beamed to a planet where something's a miss,

I walk with the Captain, and pray for a kiss.

He suddenly turns and say's with a smile,

"Beam us up, Mr. Spock...tell Transporter Chief Kile!"

As the Transporter beam hums, I awake with a shock,

As the little bird chirps in my old coo-coo clock!


Misty Oakley


Laura said...

Great capture of a dream I think I also had :)

Charli said...

Ha! This made me smile and giggle a little. Thank you!

Misty's Creations said...

Thank you for your responses, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wrote it a few years ago, but I'll never fall out of love with Captain Kirk!

3rdEyeMuse said...

that's the BEST ode to the Captain I have read in ages! :)

Ghost Dansing said...

Captain Kirk is a real stud muffin fer sher..... nice poem....