Monday, February 16, 2009

A couple paintings I did of my boyfriends!

These are rather large paintings I did in acrylics. I apologize for my Van in the back ground! The last was the little girl from National Geographic Magazine! In the photo...her eyes were so beautiful, they drove me crazy, until I painted them. Same thing with Depp! But I haven't gotten over that or Gerard Butler. Some things just can't be fixed with paint!!!! I'm thinking of starting a blog dedicated to the record of photos I have of my art basically for me so I can look at and see what I need to improve on! I believe it's important to take pictures of everything you have done. It's nice if for no other reason, to be able to look back and see how you have grown and what you have learned as an artist! It's also good to have for your clients!


Melissa said...

Misty, beautiful work! I also was captivated by the eyes of the national geo girl, and did a mixed media drawing/painting of her many years ago. I wish I still had it, or a picture. . .
Also, love the latest lighter cases!

suziart said...

Wow, Misty, your paintings are gorgeous! You really captured the Nat. Geo. girl's eyes so beautifully.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I recognized the National Geographic shot before you even mentioned it - I can still see that picture sooooo clearly in my mind.

the paintings are really, really well done (my favorite - even if I, too, have deep, deep love for Depp - is the second one from the Phantom ... stunning piece).

... AND ... I totally agree with you. I photograph (almost) everything I create ... to remember, reflect, improve upon and catalog ... plus, if I have the photograph, I have much less separation anxiety over the pieces I really liked. :)

Anonymous said...

I just popped over to take a look at your artwork. It is incredible. You did an excellent interpretation of the girl from Afghanastan. I love it!
- audrey

eva said...

wow you're really talented :)

i agree with the documenting, i do it too. even if i'm not happy with a piece i've done, i document it so i can look back and understand/learn/grow.

when i went to art college they kept going on about the importance of documenting our work for all sorts of reasons. i think there's always a reason to do it.

+ i'm glad you're doing it in a blog so i can have a look at your work!!

Rose said...

The chap who photographed the girl, Steve McCurry, has a book called Portraits and it is so beautiful!